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If your dream is to have enough game currency in Episode Choose Your Story then this is not straightforward. The important thing is to know about the different currencies which are present in the game. Well, there are two different currencies which are gems and passes and they are playing a vital role. There are limited ways to earn these currencies in the game. You can generate these currencies in the game after a specific time period. In addition to this, players can also acquire the currencies of the game by spending their precious money. Most of the players can’t afford this so they should play the game efficiently in order earn more and more currency.

Purchase the various items

The currencies are important in the game and these are also used to buy plenty of items from the game store. Gems are the secondary currency whereas passes are the main currency of the game. Gems can be earned by playing the game and players can also get some passes after few hours in the game. There are various methods present in the game that can help the players to earn the currency. Players can also take help from the online generators in order to avail the desired in-game currency. This is also a good option for those who don’t want to spend their precious money. By using these generators, players can get free passes and gems with ease. This will also help them to purchase various items in the game for customizing the characters and also to create lots of stories.

Unlock episodes

Playing the game is one of the best entertainment sources and this is the reason that people prefer to play games instead of other sources. There are different stories in the game which have plenty of episodes that you can play. Well, all the episodes of the stories are not available for the players so it is important to unlock them. If you want to unlock the different episodes of the stories then you have to spend passes. Earning passes in the game is not easy so players should pay attention to the gameplay. With the help of enough passes, players can unlock the different episodes of their favorite stories and this can help them to enjoy unlimited in the game. This is really an amazing thing to become a character of your favorite story in the game.

Episode Choose Your Story Whats Interesting
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