The boxing star skills are must require to play the game. It means the skills enhance your winning chances. If you want to improve the player skill and enhance winning opportunities, then read all article.

Types of skills-

Various kinds of skills are available in the game, but five is an essential skill. The player performance all depends on player skill. If you want to improve winning chance, then skill upgrade is necessary, but firstly we talk about kinds of skills.

  1. Jab
  2. Hook
  3. Uppercut
  4. Stance
  5. Special

These are the types of skills, but somebody does not know that how to activate the skill. Now our next step is how to active the skills.

Way to active skills-

If you want to active the skills, then follow all steps.

  • First, you can tap on the menu button at the top right corner. Then a skill menu is available in it.
  • Tap on the skill menu and select the select the skill set button. In this option, you can see the list of skills icon.
  • After that tap on skills icon one by one and equip them all. So it is the active skill.

This method is active the skills in only setting not in the missions.

The best path to active skills in games-

When you tap on the skill icon, then increase the chances of activation. If by chance the skill is not activated then select the moves at the time of the fight. For example- Spouse you choose the Jab skill then you hit the enemy with Jab moves and get skill activated. So it is the best way to active the skills.

How to upgrade the skills-

In the game, the skills upgrades are also available. After the skill activation, you are able to upgrade the skill. You should upgrade the skills with the help of skill points. If you want to earn skill points, then go to the skill menu and tap on the training button. After the training, you will get a certain amount of skill points. Then you are spending these skill points on upgrading. For upgrading the skills tap on the skill icon and touch on the “+” button and tap on confirm to improve skills. In the one day, you can equip a certain number of skills. You can also unlock the new slots with Boxing Star Hack.





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