Base building strategy game

The nice base building funplus game that can be played in mobile and really brings amazing resources for all kind of age group people is possible to view and to know more interesting factor and to win the game easily and defeat enemies is also an highlighting feature of this game to get victory want to know about guns of glory tips this will help in defeating the enemy easiest way and to reach success.

Tips to win the game faster

  There are so many ways to win the game but the easiest and best way of reaching the game is possible by following guns of glory tips.

Base set up for mission    

 The base set up of the game and also the early stage of the game and which is important of the game is said to be completing Mission.  Following the missions and progress them as fast will helps in build an empire and also helps in more upgrading levels.

Collecting of goodies

 There are lots of free goodies available in this game. And can win prize through so many ways but the very easiest way to get prize is by log in daily and by completing mission check for the mail everyday as soon of completion tons of items are ready to be put in good use . And also keep eyes on the front castle in this game that it helps in to collect free items constantly.

Working on building upgrades and buildings 

 The only thing aim for in this game is kingdom and it an easiest way to get upgrade the castle and bring a good structure to the empire a maximum level. And both rinse and repeat will helps in becoming a good and best player in this glory game



Trooping level

 Make sure that military tents are said to be full and also your troops have been leveled up and is ready for battle and each kind of troops comes with various Prons and cons

Great bonuses of the game

 The great bonuses of the game is said to be the airship dock and airship. And also want to be more focus on enhancing the order to get most in battle  and this is said to be like a hero and there are so many goodies that can able to unlock for it like abilities etc.

Defeating enemies with inactive members

  In this game enemies can be defeated with the help of an inactive member so by them the active members can defeat their opponent one and can win the game very easily.

Thus the game helps in to win the game very easily by giving of great bonuses and also by defeating enemies and also by collecting so many resources and by logging in daily base can earn lots of gifts and can earn higher rewards along with victory in hand.

Base building strategy game